2D animation is the technique used to make
Packing Evil's book trailer. Unlike traditional animation where each frame is drawn by hand, in 2D animation a frame is created using a computer.The character is moved a small bit and the image is again captured in a single frame. This process is repeated over and over. When the frames are played back continuously the character will appear to be moving. In my case I created my frames using the 3D web based design tool Tinkercad. After a frame was created in Tinkercad, it was captured in a screen grab, and subsequently cleaned up in photoshop. The frames were then imported to Imovie where sound and dialogue were added and the final animation created. I used the animation speed of 30 frames per second so the 2 minute and 56 second trailer is composed of a total of 5,250 frames.

Click Below to See the Book Trailer.

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